Types of Home Bar Sinks

Serving and mixing drinks at your home bar requires a variety of glassware, utensils, and accessories, all of which need to be washed after the party. There is also a steady stream of liquid that needs to be disposed of throughout the course of a party as your guests change their drinks. And don’t forget the little swig of beer that is always left in the bottom of the bottle or can that needs to be dumped before you can recycle.

Most home bars consist mainly of cabinets, which leads to lots of trips back and forth to the kitchen. Transforming your dry bar into a wet bar with a bar sink can significantly enhance your home bar experience.

Plumbing Considerations for your Home Bar Sink

If there is no plumbing where you want to put your sink, you need to consider the time and costs involved in tapping in to existing water lines and drains. If you have the time, skill, and inclination, you might want to tackle this yourself to save the cost of a plumber. The rest of us will have to call a professional to get an estimate so that we can budget accordingly. The cost to have a professional plumber do this will vary greatly depending on the layout of your home. Generally speaking, you are looking at about $100 per hour.

Types of Home Bar Sinks

A full kitchen sink is probably overkill for your home bar. After all, it is not like you are going to be preparing full meals there, or washing a lot of pots and pans. The goal is to avoid having to truck your barware back and forth from the kitchen.


Home Bar Sinks - The average home bar probably has a regular bar sink. There is virtually an unlimited variety of materials, sizes, styles and mounting options to suite your unique home bar theme. You can purchase a bar sink anywhere from $30 up to $800 or more.

Home Bar Cocktail Station Sinks - If you would like something more unique and modeled after a true bar you should consider a cocktail station sink. These cocktail stations incorporate all of the same elements as a commercial bar line-up but in designs that are specifically intended for the home. There are three options available: Built-In, Drop-In, or Finished Top Cocktail Station.

A Built-In Cocktail Station is designed for the outdoor built in cocktail station sink environment, and builds into an island, much like a built-in grill. These stations include sink, bottle storage rail, bottle well for cold beer, pop, or juice, ice bin for potable ice, a cap capture, condiment cups, and drain board.

Drop-In Cocktail Stations can be used with standard style cabinets, and install similar to a kitchen sink. These cocktail stations offer the same functional features as the built-in style, but do not have the bottle storage rail on the front. Optional door-mounted bottle rails can be installed in the cabinet below for convenient bottle storage.

The Finished Top Cocktail Station's unique concept was designed for those who want their entire counter top to be stainless steel. The Finished Top has a seamless appearance and offers all the same conveniences as the Built-In and Drop-In cocktail stations. Options include jeweled finishs to helps hides scratches. This cocktail station is completely configurable depending on your needs.

Download the EBook Guide to Choosing A Home Bar Design. The objective of this paper is to guide you through the process of choosing a home bar that suits your budget and meets your unique entertainment needs.

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