Mitered vs. Radius Bar Rail Corners

How you want the corners of your bar rail to look is an important consideration when choosing your bar rail material and profile style.

The simplest and least expensive way to handle the corners of your bar rail is to create miter joints by cutting two parts of rail at an angle and joining them to form a corner. Bar rail can be beveled to create either 90-degree joints or non-perpendicular joints.

Radius, or rounded, corners and curved bar rail definitely add beauty and style to your home bar. The radius corner profile has to match the rest of the bar rail. Not all millwork companies have the Large Shaper Cutter or CNC machines necessary to create the corner pieces on hand, which can make them slightly more difficult to find. Millwork companies that do create radius corners often have limited bar rail profiles and materials they work with.

Some millwork companies will do profile matching for custom bar radius pieces. As you can imagine, this option will increase your time spent and the cost of building your home bar but the look of the finished product might be worth it!

Bar rail corner pieces can easily cost $80 to $200 each depending on the type of wood you are using and the company with which you are working. Below is a list of a few companies that sell bar rail corners found during a brief internet search. It is important to make sure the corner bar rail profile matches the rest of your bar. You might consider calling local millwork companies in your area to check if they do that sort of work.

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