Choosing A Bar Rail Profile
and Materials For Your Home Bar

The range of different styles for the bar rail profile is endless, and the width and depth of the rabbet joints vary to change the contour of the bar rail.

When choosing your profile style, one important consideration is whether or not you will be eating at the bar regularly. A profile with a lip where it joins with the bar top is great for keeping drinks from spilling onto the laps of your guests, but it can make eating at the bar uncomfortable. If you plan on eating at the bar a lot, consider installing a bar rail that provides a flat surface across the entire bar top.

The Bull Nose profile is a great choice if you want the bar top to be flat all the way across.

Your bar rail should match the style and décor of your bar top. Your choices for your bar top are vast, and include things like: granite, glass, laminate, ceramic tile, copper, corian, marble, stainless steel, epoxy and resins, and custom artwork.

Contrasting colors and materials can make your home bar look really sharp, so don’t be afraid to mix and match. For example, you could combine a granite bar top with a wood bar rail, copper with stone, wood with a brass bar rail, or tile with a vinyl bar rail (like at the old Eagle’s Clubs). If you go with a wood bar rail, you could choose to contrast a Red Mahogany stain with a lighter Cherry color. If you decide to go for a more modern look and use a material like glass or granite, you might not even need a bar rail.

The vast majority of most bar railing is made out of wood. The bar rail can have a dramatic effect on the whole look and feel of your home bar, so choosing the highest quality of wood is important. It is perfectly acceptable to limit higher-grade wood to the key focal points of your home bar, and use lesser grade for the rest of the bar. Brazilian cherry is very popular right now, but mahogany, maple, oak, poplar, and ash also make good choices (just to name a few).

If your desired material for the entire bar is too costly, consider using it just for the bar top or bar rail only. These are the showpieces that will truly make your home bar special.

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