Bar Rail End Caps -
How to Finish the Ends of a Bar Rail

An end cap for your home bar is a piece of wood shaped to fit the end of the bar rail. Some companies sell end caps for their particular bar rail molding, but not all.

The end cap should cover not only the unfinished end of the bar rail, but also the unfinished ends of the construction pieces of the bar top (see unfinished end pictures below). The end cap covers the unfinished straight end of the bar top construction pieces up to the point of the bar rail.

A piece of laminate or veneer to match your bar rail wood type can be glued to the unfinished end, then routered or fine-cut to match your profile; then use a matching straight piece of the laminate in place of the end cap to cover the bar edge in the same way.

If your bar is not a cabinet, but is a straight line unit without end pieces, then, rather than use bar rail end caps, a flat vertical panel of wood or other material that matches or complements the front piece of your bar can be added to the ends. You will want to cut the end piece long enough to cover up to the edge of the finished bar surface. A piece of corner or straight molding can then be glued in place to cover the union where the end meets the bar top surface to achieve that finished look. The addition of the end panel will also eliminate any wobble that a straight-line bar top might have.

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