Backyard Bar Basics

Backyard bar imageThere is nothing better than feeling the sunshine and summer breeze while relaxing with a cold cocktail out on the patio. At night, the sound of the crackling logs on your deck fire pit and a view of sparkling stars is the perfect accompaniment to a beer and good conversation with a friend.

You don’t have to miss out on a beautiful summer day being confined inside while preparing snacks or beverages for your guests. A backyard bar is a convenient way to entertain friends and family on great weather days or evenings when there is no good reason to be cooped up inside the house.

As an added benefit, the outdoor cocktail station can also be supplied with snacks and refreshments for children, and you’ll have the advantage of placing yourself in a position to keep an eye out for their safety while they play in the backyard.

Glastender Portable Cocktail CartAn outdoor cocktail station can be a portable, stand-alone unit or incorporated into your outdoor kitchen as a drop-in unit. Whether your outdoor cocktail station or backyard bar is part of the construction of your new home, or an addition to an existing patio or deck area, there are several considerations that are crucial to address before you start any project of this type.  Simply put, most of the considerations have to do with water supply and drainage, supply of electricity, and convenient functionality.  Regardless of the scope of your project, the planning is similar in many ways to the things you think about in planning your kitchen in your house!

Small details can make or break the enjoyment and function of an addition or change to a back yard deck or patio design. Here are some basics to think about as you begin to plan your backyard bar:

  • Decide whether the end product requires a water supply
  • Decide whether the end product requires a fluid drainage system
  • Decide whether the end product requires a gas supply
  • Assume that every project will require access to electrical outlets
  • Every project will require a plan for lighting (whoops - more electricity!)
  • Every project will require a plan for protection from inclement weather:
    • Falling rain (or snow)
    • Off season cold
    • Side driven wind and rain
    • Unplanned pooling of water from any cause

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